Experts interviews

I will feature interviews with experts in the field of cervical cancer periodically. If there is a topic you would like me to explore, let me know, and I'll see if I can talk to someone about it.

The first discussion was with Dr. Pedro Ramirez from MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the surgeons who does radical trachelectomies. Not many surgeons have been trained in this procedure, so I am excited to have Dr. Ramirez participate.

MD Anderson Cancer Center is located in Houston, TX, and it is a comprehensive cancer center. Dr. Ramirez learned the procedure from the doctor who developed it, Dr. Daniel D'Argent, of Lyons, France. And now, Dr. Ramirez trains other doctors to do this procedure.

It doesn't sound so scary when you talk to someone like Dr. Ramirez, and I learned that the pregnancy complications are really not all that high, and the pregnancy rates are very good. I'm still glad I didn't need to have one--I think having 3 surgeries was enough!--but it isn't as intimidating as I previously thought.

Read the discussion with Dr. Ramirez.

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