Home birth after cervical surgeries

If you are considering a home birth or a midwife delivery after cervical surgery, you need to think about a few things. While you may have absolutely no problems, you need to be prepared, and so does your midwife.

Not all midwives will take patients who have had cervical surgeries. You will have to ask around to find a midwife with experience with women like you.

Due to the chance of complications, the midwife may not recommend attempting birth at home, and you ought to take her advice if that's what she says. In the end, a healthy baby and mother are the goal, and if a home birth would be potentially dangerous, then give up that dream.

Many midwives are affiliated with local hospitals, and there are birthing centers cropping up all over, which I think is great. Then you can have labor with your midwife in the birthing center, but if you need more assistance than they can provide, then you have the hospital available.

I think everybody knows that midwives do not perform cesarean sections, and for those of us who want to avoid a c-section, starting with a midwife is a great choice. Studies show that deliveries with midwives result in fewer interventions.

However, the problem with interpreting those studies is that women who are likely to need interventions don't usually go the midwife route.

Your ob/gyn may already have midwives in the practice, but if you're not pregnant yet or choosing a practice, the American College of Nurse-Midwives has a list of midwives.  

Read through my site, especially the labor and delivery page, interview some midwives, and make an informed decision about whether attempting birth at home would be safe. If that's not a good option for you, you may still be able to go to a birthing center rather than the hospital.