Immune system booster diet

A lot of people worry about medications they take, but they don't think twice about their diet. Your food is just like pills, and it matters a lot for your overall health.

The quality of our food today is a problem.  With GMOs and all the food additives that make you eat more, processed food is the first thing you need to reduce or eliminate.  Eating certified organic foods is more important than ever.

For meat, antibiotics in meat are contributing to drug resistance, and that's pretty scary.  Avoid meat that was raised with antibiotics or growth hormones (used in beef production), and look for chicken that was raised on a foraging diet (if you can). 

I also recommend some supplements that will help your immune system.


We all do better with less sugar. Sugar is not a food. I am always amazed by people who eat the low-fat foods, and they don't worry at all about how much sugar was added to replace the fat in those foods.  Look at yogurt--0% fat yogurt adds as much as 26g of sugar!

Fat is a food. Our cells are made up of proteins and fats, and they use carbohydrates for energy. You need to eat some fats, including saturated fats.

I also recommend cutting back on bread. Wheat is, for many people, a mild allergen, and it causes inflammation in our bodies. A full-blown wheat or gluten allergy is celiac disease, and they have to cut out gluten completely. But the rest of us also usually do better with less wheat. 

Natural versus organic

One note about natural and organic designations: natural means nothing legally. Anybody can put that their product is natural. USDA organic means something, on the other hand. It means that the food was raised or grown according to organic practices. The growers can't use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers or genetically-modified organisms, for starters.

You can identify when fruits or vegetables are organic by their label code. If the code is 5 digits and starts with a 9, it's organic. If the code is 4 digits, it is conventionally grown. Genetically-modified food is coded with a 5 digit code that starts with an 8.

Here are some examples:

  • 94011 = organic
  • 3398 = conventional
  • 80277 = genetically-modified or GMO