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Cervical Dysplasia

Hi. My story starts about 11 months ago when I went for my routine pap smear, assuming that everything would come back normal, as it always has. My husband

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Cervical cancer doesn't have to mean the end to your baby hopes

Cervical cancer doesn't necessarily mean the end to having babies. Learn more about the disease and your options from someone who has been there.

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Still Waiting

I am 18 years old. At the age of 16 i got pregnant with a baby girl. Eight months went by and trust me i was ready to have her, but my boyfriend (at the

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thank you

My situation is different than yours, as I have an 8 year old daughter and have known since she was born that I do not ever want any more children. My

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My blog

Blog I hear from women a lot who got pregnant when they thought they couldn't after surgery.

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Cervical cancer during pregnancy

Cervical cancer during pregnancy can happen. Usually the woman already has a tumor, and it is discovered when she goes for a prenatal visit.

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I've been in your shoes and gotten this far

I doubt I would have found out that i had the beginning of cancer if it hadn't been for my daughter saving my life in more than one way. I hadn't gotten

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