Bristol Palin's abstinence campaign

April 14, 2010: I heard that Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, is now speaking out in favor of abstinence. Being a young, teenage mother is not all that fun all the time!

But I'm impressed she's speaking out because I know people will snicker and say, "Oh, sure, now she's for abstinence!" But, you know, the people who can speak the most sincerely about the costs of teenage sex are people who have made mistakes and had to live with them.

In addition to preventing unintended pregnancies, teenage abstinence would help prevent cervical cancer and other STDs. I was in my 30s when I had cervical cancer, but for girls who have sex as teenagers, they could have cervical cancer in their 20s, maybe before they have children. And they may find out too late since many young women don't go to the gynecologist regularly.

So I'm glad to hear that a teenager who has made some mistakes is still willing to put herself out there and speak out on an important message.