Alternative treatments for cervical cancer

If you have cervical cancer and still want to have children, it's natural to investigate alternative treatments. It's not a good idea, though, to bypass traditional therapy entirely without discussing it with your doctor.    

I am a big believer in vitamins, antioxidants, natural living, eating healthy, and the mind-body connection. I have revolutionized my lifestyle since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but ignoring the advice of my doctor and not getting surgery was not something I considered because I trusted his experience.  If you don't trust your doctor, then find a new one!

When you have cancer, the cancer has invaded and destroyed some tissue, and there's no going back. The tissue is not going to grow back. The cancer has to be removed, and the best way to do that is surgery because chemotherapy just doesn't reach the cervix well. Topical treatment is not effective either.

Options for alternative treatments

But something that could possibly help is pawpaw.  This is a supplement from the pawpaw tree twigs that contains acetogenins, which are a natural cancer treatment.  I cannot find any studies in cervical cancer, so I am not saying it will work, but I think it's worth a discussion with your doctor because, especially, in earlier stages, cervical cancer is slow-growing.  Nature's Sunshine makes a good product, but do not take it if you do not have cancer--it's a treatment, not a preventive.  It may also be helpful in conjunction with other treatments.

If you have cervical cancer, incorporating alternative therapies like acupuncture, meditation, vitamins and herbal remedies (especially curcumin, which you can take as a preventive, too) can help you get through treatment and the stress involved. I strongly recommend acupuncture--I loved it, and it truly helped me with stress.

But don't think that these other therapies should always replace surgery to remove the cancer.  I think sometimes that is unavoidable.  Once you have had surgery, taking really good care of your health can help your immune system to keep HPV under control and prevent recurrences. Remember, the point of LEEP and cone biopsies is to remove the transformation zone so that there is no target for dysplasia anymore.

Check out my list of recommended supplements and my page on healthier living. These things can help boost your immune system. You may also have specific deficiencies, so talking to a nutritionist can help fine tune your supplements.