Abstinence is a sure-fire way to reduce the number of cervical cancer cases!

This page is for parents who want to talk to their children about sex and the consequences of having sex. It's also for young men and women who want to know how to protect themselves from HPV.

I know that girls and boys today are told by friends and television and movies that waiting until marriage is unrealistic--you should "try before you buy." I know that they're told they should find out if they are "sexually-compatible" before they commit to someone.

Just because "everybody else is doing it" doesn't make it a good idea.

What girls and boys are not taught today is that they should respect their bodies and themselves and wait until they marry to have sex. They aren't taught that they are really special, and letting someone have sex with them is a privilege that should mean something. People used to do that, and their marriages lasted a lot longer than they do now. Commitment is lacking today.

I urge parents to talk to their children about abstinence. We all have to live with the choices we make, and living with regrets is very, very hard. That never changes. I wish my parents had talked to my like that--I would have listened. Maybe not at the moment. I'm sure I would have rolled my eyes, but I would have thought about it later.

Waiting is the best option even if it isn't the most socially popular.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and tell you that it's also what God wants for us. Our bodies are a temple to God, and we should show a lot more respect for them. He gave us each one body to live in and care for, and too many of us don't really give that a second thought.

Women who say they want a man who respects them have to start with respecting themselves. I say that as a woman who did not always demonstrate that myself. But the wonderful thing is that we can start right now. It's never too late to make yourself into a vessel God wants to live in.

Remember that God forgives us for any of our mistakes and sins as long as we ask for forgiveness. Then we have to make changes in our lives, too! It takes just one second to give yourself away--be very careful about with whom and when that happens.

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