Mandy Moore and GSK

I see that Mandy Moore and GSK are promoting the vaccine to poorer girls. She has even posted this in her blog. Pardon me for not appreciating her and the company's efforts.

The reason I am getting so worked up over this is that this vaccine is not the panacea that they're making it out to be.

When you find out that 50% of cervical cancer is in women who never had a Pap smear, doesn't that point to more awareness for a regular pelvic exam rather than a vaccine? Because there will still be girls who have dysplasia, even with this shot, and they will still need to see a doctor, but there can be a false sense of security from having gotten the vaccine.

Their answer to my commentary is probably that it will help decrease the risk that poorer women will get cervical cancer. I think that's rather condescending to lower income women. Why not put more effort into awareness about getting a Pap smear with HPV testing?

Vaccines are not the answer. Simple handwashing with soap has done more to decrease flu than the flu shot. But soap doesn't make as much money as vaccines do.

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