Cervical cancer doesn't have to end your baby dreams...mine came true!

If you have found me, it's probably because you have been told you have cervical cancer, dysplasia or an abnormal Pap smear and you are wondering if treatment will affect having babies later.

You may have been told you have LSIL or HSIL.  

You have probably been told you need surgery, such as:

Or maybe you had surgery in the past and are worried about the effects of surgery on getting pregnant. If you're already pregnant, you are probably worried about incompetent cervix or labor and delivery.

You've come to the right place. My name is Stacy, and I was diagnosed with microinvasive cervical cancer in 2003. I had a recurrence in 2004.  But in 2008, I did have a baby! My baby not only went to term without any interventions, but he was born almost a week late.  I tell him he cooked extra long!

I know very well that the forms you sign before surgery are pretty grim and tell you all the bad things that can happen, but there is one thing they don't offer--


I started this website for that reason. Other women need to know that there is hope for the family they want to have.  Here is a picture of my little guy, long-awaited and much loved.

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In this website, I have information on:

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Go for regular Pap smears

If I gave you one piece of advice, it's go to your doctor for regular Pap smears.  That way any problems are caught early. That way you can have options. Don't let cancer decide your options for you.

I hope you will find answers here and some hope. Most of all, you now know someone else who went through it and still had her dreams come true.  I pray that yours do, too.